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Note: Trip reviews are posted in the order they get to us, not by trip's date.

Sandboarding in Arequipa Half day :: July 2nd, 2011
Guide: Wilmar Diaz

Hi Wilmar:
we had a seriously fun day sandboarding in Arequipa. Thanks for the good times and if you have a look at Jo's photos you should see some of the sandboarding trip.
Austin Rughless - Austarlia


Sandboarding in Arequipa Half day :: November 2010
Guide: Wilmar Diaz

Hi Wilmar:
I know it has been since November or December, but I wanted to send you the pictures from our trip with you. All of our friends that we talk to about our trip wish they had been with us sandboarding. Thanks so much for the wonderful time you showed us!
Best wishes...& enjoy the pictures!
Ellie & Christy ( ) - USA

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