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Colca trek 2 Days
Colca Canyon trek is a very good way to be into this canyon

First day: Arequipa - Chivay - Condor Cross Lookout -San Juan de Chuccho - Oasis

At 7 am we pick you up from the hotel, and then we travel for about 3 hours to Chivay. In this place you will have breakfast. Right after that you will go to the Condor Cross lookout to see the condor's flight.

Then you keep travelling to Cabanaconde, from here you will start a 4-hour trek to San Juan de Chuccho Village. Once there you will have lunch. After lunch you have to walk for another 4 hours to Oasis or Sangalle. You will have dinner there and stayin small bamboo houts, They are comfortable.

Second Day: Oasis - Cabanconde - Chivay Arequipa

At 5 in the morning you will start walking up to Cabanaconde, the diference in altitude is 1000 metres


1. Guide

2.Round Trip Bus Tickets or Private car(in VIP Service)

3. 1 Night in the Bamboo Huts

4. Food(1 Breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner,1 buffet lunch)

5. Entrance ticket for the Colca Canyon(some travel agents don't include it)

6. Entrace Tickets for the Hot Springs(some travel agents don't include it)

7. Mule to carry extra stuff(just in VIP Service)

Price(going by bus):

1 Person = 175 US Dollars

2 or more People = 135 US Dollars each one

VIP Service Price(private car):

1 Person = 380 US Dollars

2 People = 250 US Dollars each one

3 People = 210 US Dollars each one

4 or more People = 195 US Dollars each one


Best season for Trekking : From March to November. On the other months it could be rainy .

What you need to do this:

Hiking shoes, headlamp, walking sticks, backpack(40 liters is enough), warm and waterproof clothes, camera


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